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Open Mic Selections June 2017

One Thing - Finger Eleven

Pops Jones and Laurie Willson 6-8-17

Whats Up - 4 Non-Blondes

Laurie Willson & Pops Jones 6-8-17

Simple Man

Lynrd Skynrd

Renee Passey Sanger 6-22-17

Bloody Mary Morning + 2 Others

Willie Nelson | Jeff Buckley | Patty Griffin

Jackie Pappas 6-29-17

You Never Even Call Me By My Name

David Allan Coe

Jackie Pappas wsg 6-29-17


Collective Soul

Pops Jones and Mark Willson 6-8-17

What's Up

Four Non-Blondes

Brandi from Germany 6-29-17

Various Songs

CSNY and America

Jerry Green & Mark Willson 6-8-17

Arms of An Angel + 3 More

Sarah McLoughlin | Buffalo Springfield | The Doors | Ed Sheeran

Jerry Green 6-29-17

Crossroads (Melissa)

The Allman Brothers

Pops Jones, Jerry Green & Mark Willson 6-8-17

Main Street

Bob Seger

Pops Jones, Jerry Green, and Mark Willson 6-22-17

Where Are You Going

Dave Matthews

Tyler Baxter 6-15-17

Dream Dream Dream & Only The Lonely

Everly Brothers and The Motels

Renee Passey Sanger & Jerry Green 6-22-17

Be My Lover

Alice Cooper

Jerry Green, Laurie & Mark Willson 6-8-17

Sunday Mornin Comin Down & Mercedes Benz

Johnny Cash and Janis Joplin

Jackie Pappas 6-8-17

3am & Ants Marching

Matchbox Twenty and Dave Matthews

Tyler Baxter 6-15-17

Through The Night & Up To The Mountain

Kris Kristofferson and Patty Griffin

Jackie Pappas 6-8-17


Jeff Buckley

Jackie Pappas wsg 6-8-17

Dock of the Bay

Otis Redding

Jackie Pappas 6-8-17

Turtles All The Way Down & All Around You

Sturgill Simpson

Tyler Baxter 6-15-17

Steal My Kisses & Chicken Fried

Ben Harper and Zac Brown Band

Michael Smith, Kevin Calcaterra & Mark Willson 6-8-17

Sweet Home, In Color, Ring of Fire

Lynrd Skynrd, Jamie Johnson, Johhnny Cash

Michael Smith, Kevin Calcaterra & Mark Willson 6-8-17

The Joker & Simple Man

Steve Willer and Lynrd Skynrd

Michael Smith, Kevin Calcaterra & Mark Willson 6-8-17

Run Around Sue


M Smith, K Calcaterra, Pops Jones, M Willson 6-8-17

Joleen & Hallelujah

Dolly Parton and Jeff Buckley

Tyler Baxter 6-15-17

Here Without You & The Middle

3 Doors Down and Jimmy Eat World

Pops Jones 6-22-17

Brown-Eyed Girl & Main Street

Van Morrison and Bob Seger

Pops Jones 6-15-17

How To Save A Life & Let It Be

The Fray and The Beatles

Pops Jones 6-15-17

Free Fallin & Whiskey and You

John Mayer and Chris Stapleton

Tyler Baxter 6-15-17

Yellow & Demons

Coldplay and Imagine Dragons

Pops Jones 6-15-17

Ho Hey & Turn The Page

The Lumineers and Bob Seger

Pops Jones 6-15-17

Mary Janes Last Dance & Drift Away

Tom Petty and Dobie Gray

Pops Jones 6-15-17

Love The One You're With

Stephen Stills

Jerry Green, Renee Sanger, Mark Willson 6-22-17